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About Us

Welcome to Slimming Hut About Us. This website is owned by Slimming Hut, a company registered in England.

Slimming hut was developed to offer its customers a unique one stop shop for Sports Supplements & Nutrition.

We have selected products based on the most popular and sought after ingredients in the sports nutrition market today. We offer products that are aimed to aid in your gym workouts and fitness regime, we offer products such as our selections of weight management products, vitamins and minerals, gym accessories, clothing and more.

Not only do we want you to get the body you want, we want to try and make it as easy as possible for you choose the right supplements for you. We have deep roots in the Sports Nutrition Industry, the creators of Slimming Hut have combined their resources with a combined knowledge of over 40 years experience in the industry with some of the most trusted and cutting edge brands in the diet and lifestyle industries to bring you a unique shopping experience.

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